About Me

Hello there! My name is Danny and I'm from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. With a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from music and teaching to cooking and technology, my friends like to tell me that I've lived multiple lives.

My journey began in the vibrant world of music, touring Canada twice with a pop-punk band, an experience that taught me the power of storytelling and connecting with diverse audiences. Following my musical adventures, I embarked on a culturally enriching journey to Japan, where I spent four years teaching English to students of all ages. This period honed my skills in communication and adaptability, deepening my appreciation for diverse cultures.

Upon returning from Japan, I attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology, where I graduated with honours in Digital Design & Development, which has been foundational in my career. Being elected Class President and receiving the Peter Campin Memorial Award were highlights that underscored my commitment to academic excellence and leadership.

My professional journey in the tech industry began at Convertus, where I contributed to developing bespoke WordPress themes for Canadian car dealerships. I quickly climbed the ranks, and within a year was helping lead a team in creating a WordPress multi-site platform for over 1,500 car dealership websites nationwide. This experience laid the foundation for my skill set in web development, as well as taught me leadership and people management skills.

I then moved on to Pixel Union, where I honed my skills by crafting e-commerce experiences on the Shopify Plus platform. I built storefronts for some of Shopify's highest revenue merchants, generating $1M+ annually, and took the lead in developing and refining internal tools and build processes to streamline and optimize our organization's developer experience.

Following this, I embraced a new challenge at Clever, working as a Senior Frontend Engineer. Here, I delved into the real estate domain, developing SaaS products used by thousands of real estate professionals across the United States. I architected a component library in React and TypeScript, deploying it to projects across the organization via NPM, and refactored architecture of Clever's website to optimize page speed and core web vitals, lead to sustained increases in traffic and revenue.

Most recently, at Nomadago, I co-founded and spearheaded the development of a social network app, which marked a significant chapter in my career. I was instrumental in driving the design, development, and launch of an innovative social network application tailored for iOS and Android. This venture stood out as a platform that rapidly captured the attention and engagement of digital nomads worldwide, reflecting not just a technological triumph but also a deep understanding of a niche yet growing global community.

The past four years have seen me truly embrace the life of a digital nomad, a lifestyle that has allowed me to blend work and travel, immerse myself in rich cultures, and expand my horizons globally. This period has been instrumental in my growth, both professionally and personally.

Parallel to my professional endeavors, I have always harbored a passion for cooking. With experience in restaurant kitchens and as an avid home cook, I dream of one day combining this love for culinary arts with my entrepreneurial spirit in a food truck venture.

In essence, my journey has been about creating resonating experiences, whether through digital solutions, teaching, cooking, or music. I am excited about the future and eager to forge new connections and explore further horizons.